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Toccoa, Georgia

Toccoa, Georgia

Toccoa, the county seat of Stephens County, was incorporated on February 26, 1875. Prior to English settlement, Cherokee Indians occupied the area of Toccoa. Legend says the Cherokee named the area “Toccoah” meaning “beautiful” in their language.

The City of Toccoa originated in 1873, and can be traced back to the development of a coaling station for the Atlanta to Charlotte Railroad after the Civil War.

Traveler’s Rest State Historic Site, which is located in Toccoa is an 18th Century Stagecoach Inn Plantation constructed around the 1830s. This site was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1966. Another favorite attraction in Toccoa is Currahee Mountain, home of the infamous Currahee Rangers from the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne which was documented in the eleven movie episodes of Stephen Ambrose’s book, Band of Brothers. Toccoa is also home to The Currahee Military Museum, filled with artifacts from the paratroopers who trained on Currahee Mountain and led the fight across Europe to help defeat the German Third Reich during WWII.

Toccoa, GA - MapToccoa was home to Paul Anderson, the Guinness Book of World Records’ “Strongest Man”. Anderson was also the 1956 Olympic Gold Medalist in super heavy weight and weightlifting.

Attractions and Entertainment

Travelers Rest Historic Site – Travelers Rest was the plantation home of Devereaux Jarrett, the richest man in the TugalooValley. Today, guests receive a guided tour of the plantation home. Most furnishings are original antiques.

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Hotels, Motels in Toccoa, Georgia – Review hotel photos, maps and amenities. Make hotel reservations. Multiple hotels and motels are listed in the Toccoa, GA area.

Community and News

First Baptist Church – The First Baptist Church of Toccoa offers church service for the residents of Toccoa, Georgia.
Toccoa / Stephens County Chamber of Commerce
 – The Toccoa/Stephens County Chamber of Commerce web site offers information about the city of Toccoa and the surrounding Stephens County, GA.

Government and Services

City of Toccoa – The City of Toccoa web site has local governmental resources for the Toccoa and Stephens, GA area. 
Toccoa Police Department 
– The Toccoa Police Department’s web site gives local information about the Toccoa Police Department’s services.

Health Services

Stephens County Hospital – Stephens County Hospital is located on Falls Road in Toccoa, Georgia and serves the residents of Stephens County and Toccoa.

Industry and Professional

Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Companies

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Restaurants and Dining

Retail and Shopping